Enjoy The Mesmerizing Overnight Camel Safari In Jaisalmer


Rajasthan evokes images of vibrant colours, beautiful traditional dances, humongous palaces, sand dunes and camels. Jaisalmer, the golden city of Rajasthan, has been associated with royalty and royal tales of the deserts for ages.

The overnight camel safari is an experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list, if they want to be a part of the mesmerizing beauty of the desert and the sand dunes. Our overnight camel safari offers an unforgettable experience for a lifetime.

What’s In For You In The Overnight Camel Safari?

Once you have planned to go for the Overnight Camel Safari in Jaisalmer, we will either pick you up from your hotel or else it will commence from The Desert Ship’ Office in Jaisalmer according to the package chosen by you. The safari will start by taking you to the camel point on the outskirts of Jaisalmer via a jeep.

Places Of Interest:

Kuldhara Village

On the way, you will visit the Kuldhara village which is considered as a ghost town. You may visit it on the way to the camel point or on your way back based on the package you choose. The legend has it that all the villagers abandoned the village in one night only. They were all afraid of the evil minister, who wanted to marry one of the villager’s young daughter and they all left the village to save the honour as well as to save themselves. It’s still a mystery as to how so many people vanished in a night itself? Some consider Kuldhara village as a haunted village. Apart from that, Kuldhara village is an important archaeological site.

Serene Oasis

There’s a natural oasis near the Kuldhara village, which is a natural source of water for the local villagers as well as for the wild animals.

Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer

You may enjoy watching the beautiful sunrise or the sunset in the dunes after or before a one and half hour camel ride according to the overnight camel safari package you choose. If you choose the 32-hour camel safari, you will be lucky enough to enjoy both the mesmerizing sunrise as well as the stunning sunset.

If you choose a camel safari with a sunset, you will be served a freshly cooked dinner or else you will be served a healthy and a delicious breakfast.

At night, after dinner, you may retire in your bed and watch the beautiful starry sky. The ‘charpais’ (traditional jute cots) will be arranged along with a decent bedding, of clean pillows and sheets for you to sleep comfortably. You will be amazed on seeing such a clear and a magnificent view of the sky with so many stars.

In the morning, you may wake up early to see unhindered view of the majestic sunrise or else you may sleep comfortably and wake up when the first rays of sun touch you with its ethereal warmth and heavenly beauty. Freshly cooked healthy breakfast will be served after the sunrise and you will then proceed towards Jaisalmer on camels with a beautiful and a mesmerizing experience.

You may visit the Kuldhara village and the serene oasis depending on the safari package you choose after which you will be travelling back to Jaisalmer by Jeep. You will either reach around 11:30 AM or 5:30PM the next day with with an amazing experience and memories of an exquisite landscape.

The desert is a fragile environment, so we request you to help us in keeping it clean and plastic free.

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