Near 1st Gate Hotel, Dhibba Para, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Padharo Mhare Desh!

Camel ride in Jaisalmer has always been the number one activity for all international and domestic guests. The first thought of the desert summons up the images of golden sands, historical forts and desert safari on Camels. In today’s era tourism has become a significant contributor to the region’s economy and camel rides have become abundantly commercial and impersonal leaving behind the tradition of love and compassion. The Desert Ship bring back the tenderness, charm, authenticity and connect back to the heritage and culture of Jaisalmer, “The Golden city of India.”

Impeccable Camel Safari Experience

The Desert Ship is one of the pioneer companies based in Jaisalmer who started offering desert camel rides. The company is run by the village people and is known for its excellent services & warm hospitality. The people at The Desert Ship believe that every traveler who joins them should get the best service and hospitality. They believe in turning travelers to lifelong friends and wish that their experience at Jaisalmer should be conserved in their heart as an alluring memory for a lifetime.

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Why Choose Us

We believe in preserving the beautiful culture of our Country. What we desire is that travelers should experience a gentle form of nature tourism in Jaisalmer. We want to give the freedom to explore this beautiful area and educate them about the Camels and their history in the region.

We take our travelers to the region’s most remote parts from spartan shrublands to pristine dunes. Fresh food, ample bottled water, warm & comfortable bedding, professional English-speaking guides and well trained, healthy and joyous camels, the list of our amenities is endless.

We have an unspoken respect for the nature that reflects through our actions. It is always ensured that all the waste is brought back to Jaisalmer and taken to the recycling plants for proper treatment after each trip. We want the travelers to hear the calm of the wilderness and the sounds of the birds in such a way that leaves minimum impact on the environment.

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Community Involvement

We at The Desert Ship understand the hardships faced by the people of the desert due to the harsh climate and lack of opportunities. We therefore aim at helping the local community by giving them an opportunity to work with us. We also aim at sending the children to school and we have been doing our bit to help the local widows by giving them an alternate livelihood by promoting their handicraft.

If you would like to be join hands and be a part of our cause, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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I booked an overnight camel safari with the Desert Ship and it has been a wonderful experience. The entire staff was well-behaved, polite and very friendly. I felt in safe hands all throughout the trip and the view of the starry sky at night was something extraordinarily beautiful. I wold recommend them to anyone looking for friendly guides in Jaisalmer.

Kate Antonova

We choose the overnight camel safari and it was really great. The ridding was not too long and neither too short. It was just perfect. The best thing I loved about them is that he camels are treated very well. The food was also good and the experience of sleeping under the stars was fantastic. But, above all, the owner is really kind and helpfull.

David Jones

“What a wonderful trip! This was our first visit to Rajasthan and we are glad to have booked our services from The Desert Ship. Everything was in order from the time we arrived until the time we departed. Our guides were wonderful and went above and beyond their responsibilities to ensure our vacation was wonderful. Thank you The Desert Ship!”

Ruchika Bhardwaj

“We had a wonderful experience with the team at the desert ship. Their arrangement was superb and the guides were really very friendly. We loved the food served to us and also had a wonderful time in the evening with traditional rajasthani music and dance. We would really recommend people to go with the desert ship as their services are just superb.”

Sameer Sood
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